Resistance Heals

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On the evening of the 9th I had the amazing opportunity to be with about 2,000 people who shared my deep concerns for the violence, hate, and fear sprawling across this nation. I screamed my heart out into the sky for about 4 hours, all peacefully, surrounded by a crowd of strangers I grew to feel were friends.

Last night a few people who were not with the movement brought some baseball bats and spray paint and did an incredible amount of damage across the city. I have seen many anarchists who are disgusted with it. I actually learned quite a bit about Black Bloc already today, which has a very fascinating history. Fascinating History

The main protest did their best to rally their peaceful supporters away from the people who were there to do nothing but destroy, but there were over 4,000 people last night.

The night I went there were some groups of Drumpf supporters who were doing their best to instigate violence among the peaceful protesters. There were both religious zealots (Think Westboro Baptist types) and a group of young white men chanting “Burn the blacks!” That shocked and horrified me, and I tried to start up a chant of Black Lives Matter and they started laughing at me, which is when I started to become scared.

This is why I protest. One of my dearest friend has an awesome black son. I live beneath the queer umbrella as do many of my friends. People are terrified and rightfully so.. But at the same time there’s a lot of damage to be cleaned up.  And that’s where the amazing thing comes in.

The original PEACEFUL protesters who were NOT okay with what happened last night have started a fundraising campaign to at least try to pay back some of the damage. There was also a cleanup effort today and another is scheduled for tomorrow. People who weren’t even there were leaping at the chance to volunteer and show that our intentions are peaceful.

I have pretty strong social anxiety issues, but I felt safe and comforted with them. Empowered. Hearing people say we need to be hit by cars or they want to bring down military grade tear gas to hurt us is frustrating. Being called entitled, or crybabies, or anything else is infuriating with the situation unfolding. There are KKK rallies happening, they’re really excited to have him for president.

My heart is sad, but it’s good to know there are people out there who won’t stand for bigotry, for threats against their neighbors, friends, family. The only good thing I can focus on at the moment is that when you are dealing with an oppressor, there will always be those who resist.

We are fighting for a better world.

When you are apathetic in the face of oppression, you are supporting the oppressor.


Fuck Donald Trump

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That is all.

Birthday Auction!!

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My dear friend Kait Moon is having an auction for her birthday of her original artwork for funds to move home to the Pacific Northwest ^_^

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in quite some time, I will post later in the day too when I have more mouse batteries… ❤

Please please help my friend if you can, or share the link 🙂 The world needs more art.

Raw Dreams

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It’s hard to know so many people who yearn for a home, for land to grow food and space for their children to play, for that village dream so many of us share.

I yearn to understand and feel more competent dealing with the paperwork and interactive side of learning more about getting grants and funding for a small potentially urban family farm. I could make do with a small amount of space, my passions unfold and blossom with vertical gardening and companion planting… I feel such strong hope within me that it hurts to think about.

Oops, it’s been a while..

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So long, in fact, I didn’t remember at first which site this was on.

Sorry, life with a 3 year old is pretty intense.

In other news, a dear friend of mine that I’ve known online for over a decade now moved here to Portland, Oregon in June… She’s been living in her car, in a tent, and in an RV that broke down since she got here. She could really use a lot of help. Her birthday is in the morning, I’m posting this tonight.

She has a GoFundMe that directly helps her with gas, food for the kids, hotels when able, etc. It’d be so fantastic if it could get more outreach and get enough money for an apartment or an RV. Please, please, PLEASE consider sharing for my friend. ❤ She means the world to me and I want to see good things happen for her.

If you can’t afford to donate, I absolutely understand, but sharing with your friends who might also be compassionate enough to share on their own Facebook or whatever would be incredible. ❤ Thank you.

Gilmore Girls and an update

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I managed to get season 5 and 6 of Gilmore Girls to watch, and have been working on my mistweaver monk in WoW. I added several notes to a secret set of drawers at the Ace Hotel near the Roxy and Powell’s… it was a lot of fun. I’m really excited about this year, and slightly overwhelmed by it as well. I’ve been meaning to blog more but keep forgetting.


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Sleeplessness, sleep avoidance, call it what you will but I put it off. A lot. It has been hard for me to want to sleep since my best friend died two and a half years ago. I feel very alone and nostalgic at night, as if I am searching for something haunting me deep within. The yearning is strong at night to see, be, do, hear, feel, experience, exist. Sleep is to be avoided, that scary thing when consciousness fades and my subconscious mind wrests control of my body and heart.

It’s like I don’t want to sleep because it is lost time, lost life, lost experiences and thoughts and parts of life. Sleep comes with scary/intense dreams or just a third of the day gone. I feel like I haven’t lived enough, loved enough, gone OUT THERE enough. I’ve lived my whole world in my head because this world is a shitty, scary place full of people who are cruel to each other.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. That’s the world I used to live in. The friends in my life now are kind, warmhearted, extremely generous individuals who often share my hippie idealism, activist fervor and intent on making changes in our own lives and our communities. I just… don’t want to sleep 😦