We all change the world a little bit, just by being in it. You affect all those around you that you interact with, and perhaps don’t even know, and you change your surroundings with your presence and your choices. Life is amazing. cherish all the small things, as well as the big.

The following is a quote from a comment I posted on my Facebook, in response to someone replying to ^ that as a status update.  To clarify what I was talking about, I had shared a beautiful story about how Occupy Wall Street has begun an Occupy Sandy and started working together on relief efforts and connecting the homeless with shelter and food and water.  They delivered stuff by canoe in some places, and used their bicycles to deliver stuff and generate electricity somewhere, I think.  Also, there were some wonderful nurses who carried 20 newborns that were on respirators down the stairs with someone manually working the respirators. All twenty of them!  Think of the effort they put into it!

“I was thinking of Hurricane Sandy, and the nurse thing I posted, and what Occupy and all those people in the area are doing to work together in a time of hardship. Sometimes reality has to slap you to show you the beauty around you, if that makes sense. I just wish it had come at the cost of less destruction. Maybe somehow this will help our economy… Shock us into reality.”

By this I am referring to the reality that we can disconnect just a little from Facebook and get to know our neighbors. We like thinking so separately, but what if we connected just a little with the people around us. People are usually pretty interesting and decent. You know?

To the fact that there are so many people, and people are pretty amazing, you know? We like living individually and thinking of the rest of the world as “Them”. Imagine a world if we stopped that..


~ by araelysia on November 3, 2012.

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  1. Wonderful post. Really too true. The world is a dark place, but there is beauty around us too if we just have the eyes to see it.

    • Exactly. The world is dark, but you can’t make it brighter by complaining about the darkness, that in and of itself is focusing on negativity. I strive to remain positive these days, I like it better. 🙂

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