Food for Thought..

I wonder what would happen if (supposing that by some odd extremely unlikely freak of nature accident) a humanoid species from another planet came to observe us, what they would think of our ideas of “rights” and “law”. Every single thing we do is so interesting, when you think of us as the blank slate for our area of existence. We’re the only smart thing around, and what do we do? Bicker. We’r

e becoming that intelligent species that has the ability through interconnectivity/the internet to connect, and work together to fix all the problems on the planet.

Will we as a people, as the conscious citizens of this planet work toward that ability to function as a whole, or think solely of ourselves? If we think we are “better” than monkeys, why don’t we work together and strive, instead of tear each other down and fall?


~ by araelysia on November 11, 2012.

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