I Don’t Exist.

Yes, that’s right. I don’t exist.

To you, to people who have never met me, don’t speak my language, don’t tend to think of me, or the social groups or economical groups I am a denizen of.  To these people, they can’t imagine me, not really.  They can’t call to mind my creativity, my integrity, my honesty, my background, nothing.  They have and know nothing about me.

It’s the same for you, and people you know, and everyone you don’t know or think about, the people that exist between our mental facts.  Fact:  There are over seven billion people on the planet, and they don’t all know each other.  They don’t even know each other exists, not really.  There’s too much data, and not enough. We are told what to think, what to believe, what to learn, and so we fall between each other’s cracks, vaguely drifting in and out of each other’s minds.  We stand now on a precipice of human understanding, knowledge, curiosity.  Our use of tools has grown to the point where we no longer have to do anything ourselves.  We must wonder what that will mean for us, if the thing we expect to support us inevitably breaks.

I believe we will pull through, though.  Though I do not exist for that person across the world who has never heard the english language or thought about the lives of an American living in Oregon, I do exist for the people that I’ve met, affected, touched, learned from, and taught.  The people that I inspire and inspire me every day, the people that I may or may not have met in person. I have touched people, somehow. I have given them a glimpse of my story, of my statement and reality and existence, I have tethered myself through the sea of the invisible waves(the internet) sufficiently that I can draw adequate support when necessary from so called “invisible friends”.

Is this the new step in social development for those of us who have social phobias?  Is this a strength, as well as a weakness?  What does this mean for the future of my life and others lives?  And what would happen if we were aware of one another, of how our actions affect others..  What would that do to our world?


~ by araelysia on November 15, 2012.

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