Raekyll’s Entry

This is something that I have cross-posted from my creative writing blog.  All ideas are entirely mine, yadda yadda.  Anyway, this is something I started already, and I am cross posting it to get some more attention to that side of my writing.  The site is araelysiarises.wordpress.com 🙂


Brilliant red and blue lights flashed obtrusively across the ridged floor.  Between the flashes of light, a limp figure becomes visible.  An arm is splayed out over the navigation panel, and the creature is collapsed against it. Blue light makes repetitive motions against the floor, and the windows are filled with what appears to be a liquid.  The figure groans and begins to move.

Pain.  Crushing pain in the head, pain to the arm, to the torso and leg, throbbing pain everywhere.  Raekyll began to struggle his way toward consciousness, feeling as though he was climbing from a deep well.  Pain rushed in as his mind became aware of the situation, and he opened his eyes.  The display panel was dimmed, and most of the panel was dark.  A repetitive light movement on the floor got Raekyll’s attention, though, and his head whipped up.  Kyern. He was trapped beneath the water on the planet’s surface.  His nose slits flared, and his pupils became pinpricks. Closing his eyes, he forced back the emotions raising in his mind. He was not trapped, this was all part of the plan.  The impact must have knocked something loose in the system, and he just had to fix it so the ship would get to a deserted surface.

He found his center, even seated in an abandoned ship years and years from home.  Though he was alone, he knew he was always connected to A’Raelys, or the Essence of Everything.  Once a deep religion, the meaning had transitioned to mean everything from the magick of energy work, and the depths of technology and understanding of the material universe to the systems that made up all of existence.

Everything was connected, all originally pieces of stardust.  It had been what drew him to the vast depths of space. He had to know, to understand, to learn. It was who he was.  With his eyes closed he visualized the golden spires of his home city, Kaernyl. He saw himself soaring along the warm winds of his homeworld, the sun beating down on his face.  With a pang of sorrow, he realized he was far from home, and would be for a long time.

The sobering realization pulled him back to himself, and with a shake of his head, Raekyll began checking on his potential injuries.  Not finding any broken bones or damage, he began to shift from his sedentary state.  Very small, smooth scales covered his entire body, from head to toe, and his movements flowed much like a desert serpent, or a lizard. Reaching beneath the panel with clawtipped hand, he firmly pressed the button to reset the power.  Suddenly lights flashed and a sound began to ring out, the sound of his alien engine spinning to life.

Raekyll watched in surprise as all the surrounding creatures sped backward, fleeing the object.  How could they sense him?  He thought the design was to keep it out of their abilities to sense.  Did it mean that he’d be caught more easily?  Fearfully he held the amulet around his throat, gulping.  He had heard things of what humans did to each other.  What would they do to an alien being sent to observe them?


~ by araelysia on November 15, 2012.

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