There comes a time..

I think there comes a point in every person’s life where they need to stop a moment and realize that they are not the center of the universe.  It comes at different points for all of us, but there must come a time where we need to step back and think of the facts we know.  Were it not for the first flicker of life on this planet, were it not for the chemical reactions that gave us this ability to exist, we would not be here today. But it’s even deeper than that:  You wouldn’t be able to think about this, or anything else at all. You would not *exist*. 

We must shift our focus.  We must transition from negative thinking (THEY vs WE thinking) to positive thinking.  Realize that every life, including the ones you don’t know, are a miracle, even in the eyes of science. Instead of focusing on the “asshole” who cut you off, accept the moment, the feeling, and let it go. For all you know, they could have had a nasty day and not even noticed you/not been in a frame of mine to recognize you.  Are you always in a perfect mood? No.  Is your bus late?  Well, maybe a mom was having trouble getting off the bus because she had no help.  You don’t know.

Instead of understanding that every life matters, every person’s feelings matter, we tend to blame the other person for not living to our expectations. We blame them for not having “worked hard enough” as if that logic matters.  They tried. Most of the time, at some point in their life, they tried. But emotions are tricky things, and sometimes people do stupid things, or give up because of heartbreak.  When the inclusive movement (“hippies” etc..) occurred, the world reacted.  Those who were used to and comfortable with capitalism and what they had could not comprehend, accept, or understand that extensive community. We reacted with fear, outrage, placed at the wrong thing.  Instead of focusing on the corporations exploiting the poor, we focused on what “They”, the concept utterly imagined, were doing to us.  Those darn freeloadin’ hippies are takin’ all your tax money! 

Uh, really? How?

Rather than focus on the corporations exploiting us, we focus on what we are told to focus on (corporate media anyone? Hello, mainstream media is paid for by corporations.  It’s fucked up, accept it, move on.  We, as human beings, are amazing.  The fact that you can sit in your computer chair or on your couch, or your bed, and read this, understand it, accept or reject it, type a response..  It’s amazing. It’s fundamentally amazing.  Why not just take a moment and revel in that feeling? Let it change you for the better. 🙂

Note: When tagging this, I had to capitalize “Facebook” because it automatically underlined it in red.  When I worked for retail companies, the word Company was always capitalized, as if it deserved my undying respect.


~ by araelysia on November 17, 2012.

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