Procrastination Station!

All trains have stopped, and we’re taking a three hour coffee break, now or maybe later..

So, I am a student in college. I am also a mom, and a wife, and I have social issues.  Well, to be fair, I have a lot of issues, but that makes me fun 😉  Hey, I keep them in check, most of the time.

Anywho, like clockwork every Sunday I realize that once again I have not done *any* homework and begin scrambling like a chicken with an ax near my head. I have an exam to study for for tomorrow for my Education class, and a hefty 3rd Essay draft due for English.

I’m not too concerned, thankfully, because my grades are doing well, and I think I pulled the last math test out of … thin air.  See, I don’t mind math. I’d love to get into the Fibronacci’s number (I am so sorry, to math people, that I butchered that. I appreciate the beauty of what I understand about the concept, I just forgot how to spell his name 😦 ) but sitting in a room with no windows, too much florescent lighting, and a teacher who stresses the crap out of me?  My grade’s a C.

But English… That’s where I shine.  It’s why I went back to school.  Primarily, I went back to school to learn to strengthen my writing, to learn more skills to utilize in my writing, and to be a better editor of myself.  The essay I am working on right now is “Paper vs Electronic”  aka about eBooks.  I think it’s going to be interesting. Once I polish up my essays, I’ll be posting them here.

But here I am, instead, posting a blog about work I should be doing when I could at least be reading stuff on it >_< Oops.  Well, tomorrow we have a peer review, I think, then no class for a week, so I will have time to make it shiny. I’m glad I took the Intro to Education class that I have a test in tomorrow, because it’s taught me that I have no interest in being a traditional teacher. I’ve had too many bad experiences with public education; I’m giving my child options.

Now to look up and print out some articles..


~ by araelysia on November 18, 2012.

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