The Phoenix and the Ostrich (A poem)

I wrote this in 2007 for one of the people who has touched my soul the most in this world.  She’s gone now, she died at the end of September.  She forgot her wings </3

The Ostrich and the Phoenix

Unable to fly on its own, 
The Ostrich flaps the feeble wings its grown 
Refusing to see that it can run 
It sinks to the ground, crying “What’s fun?” 
A void of depression takes its toll, 
And on the ground it refuses to roll. 
A Phoenix flys down and cocks her head 
“Would you truly prefer to be dead? 
Those legs of yours are meant to run 
Flying isn’t the only kind of fun. 
If you’d quit ducking your head in the sand 
You’d realize that you could conquer the land.”

At this the Ostrich opened her eyes; 
“Why do you taunt me with thes lies? 
Don’t give me your false lullabies 
These pathetic fakes I indeed despise! 
It’s so easy for you to say. 
When you want you can fly all day! 
You’re so exotic and I’m so plain.. 
There’s nothing special about me, yet I’m so vain.” 
The Phoenix’s eyes began to blaze 
Until she could see naught but a red haze.

“How can you see and yet be so blind? 
You’re unique of all birdkind. 
You alone can fly for days 
With our legs there’s just no way. 
If you could just see past your depression 
You could learn this valuable lesson.”

At this the Phoenix looked tired 
When a moment ago she’d looked wired. 
Feathers fell out and she burst into flame 
She now looked anything but tame. 
Suddenly she was gone, all that was left was ash. 
The Ostrich shoved her head in the sand, “Why did she have to be so rash? 
The sand is safe, it shields my head.. 
Without it I’d surely be dead.” 
She felt a peck on her leg, 
And pulled her head free, ready to beg. 
Her jaw dropped open 
Words left unspoken 
As the baby Phoenix pecked her again.

“But how can you be so ugly now? 
A moment ago I was ready to bow.. 
I don’t understand, you left me alone.. 
And you’ve come back just skin and bone!” 
The now young bird returned her gaze 
“Life is just a very intricate maze 
You make the most with the information you’ve gained 
Get running now before you’re lamed.” 
The Ostrich stood, fear on her face 
“My other friends fled without a trace.. 
How do I know you’ll stay by my side? 
They said they would but they lied.”

“I’ll do my best to stay, 
But I demand to have my say. 
If you refuse to listen to me 
By your side I will no longer be. 
Ducking your head beneath the sand 
Is no way to make your stand.”

The Ostrich, still wary, reluctantly agreed 
But who truly knows where that’ll lead.


~ by araelysia on November 21, 2012.

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