Who are we?

Always remember that today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Who are we without all our yesterdays? We are no one. Nothing. We are not ourselves. Everything we do, think about, experience changes us for the better or for the worse. As long as there is a tomorrow there is hope for the future. Our future will soon be the present, then the past. You are the sum of your experiences, knowledge, and personal reaction to everything around you. Through the hard times in life, always keep in mind that there are those who are currently going through worse, or have gone through worse, and things don’t stay the same. Life is fluxuation, smooth and pure.

In essence what we are is the sum of all the parts that make up who we are. The past is the past, yes, you shouldn’t live in it, but neither should you force yourself to forget it or hide yourself from it. Don’t regret that which you cannot change, instead focus on how you can change yourself for the better today.

You are your soul’s memories, your past experiences, your own hopes and dreams and drives for the future. All in all life is balanced.. neither kind nor cruel, as opposite as that may seem at the moment. Looking back on your life, can’t you see how much one little thing being taken out would change your entire outlook on things?

Looking back you see the sunset, looking forward the sunrise. Eternally between, always walking toward where you are meant to be.


~ by araelysia on November 21, 2012.

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