True Irony..

Yes, I am aware of how deeply ironic it is that I am posting this blog/request for information online given the subject matter, but then again, isn’t that what the internet is for?  The internet is an amazing tool when used properly. And for once I am!

I’m a writer.  That is my sole focus in life (well, aside from being a Mommy, and a wife, and a farmville addict [the last I admit with deep chagrin]) and it is in writing that I feel most comfortable. I am working on a novel right now called Corporate Wars.

Corporate Wars is a futuristic dystopian tale about what would happen if corporations were to truly take over all aspects of our life, and be in control of it all. I have already done some research and come up with the “skeleton” of the story for this part.  Now what I need is the “resistance” force.

Part of human community, human social interaction, is division. That’s just a fact, people take sides and there is never a time everyone is happy.  That being said, I need to talk to people who are more “survivalist”, people who have stepped out of the corporate rat race, who have developed self sufficiency or a plan for it, those who have said “Enough!” to the idea that we all have to get in line and work for a mere 8.25 an hour.  People who may or may not have lived in poverty like myself, and who know there still is a way to survive without corporations.

These people will be the key to my novel.  I just need to talk to some to get an idea of where the characters in my story that fit that bill would go, what they would do.  If you happen to know anyone that is interested in this type of stuff and would like to or not mind helping me with a brainstorm session it’d be greatly appreciated.  🙂


~ by araelysia on December 1, 2012.

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