You’re important.

Yes, you. Every single one of the 7 billion people on this planet are important to someone.  To the people who gave birth to them, if not then to someone else. We affect everything.  Last night I found out my great great grandmother was an orphan because of the potato famine in Ireland last century, I believe it was. She was 5 year old and sent to America as an indentured servant. If she hadn’t survived that, survived the loss of her parents, the voyage across the ocean, and her servitude, and been married twice before she met my great great Grandfather… I would not exist. If she hadn’t been through hell time and again, and had just given up or had died in the potato famine… I would be gone. Her parents deaths no doubt affected her choices later in life, and just..

It’s amazing, the things we typically do not consider.  Why don’t we consider it? Is it too haunting, too sad to know that we will never know or be able to thank those people who came and did things before us? We can do them justice. We can not forget they existed. I am going to write a book about her, in a few years. This is something I am promising myself. I need to finish college and get at least two books out before this book, but it will happen. I will tell Isabelle’s story in the best way that I can through research.

Me, who hated research in school and never understood how to do it. I will not go down in history forgotten, I do not want to, it pains me to consider. Not because I want fame but because I want to spread a message. We are all important, every single one of us. No matter what our nature is, we will affect lives generations from now. If you choose not to have children, that affects lives. If you choose to adopt, that definitely affects lives.

The choices you make change lives. Be the best you you can be.  Be yourself, be truthful.  Journal, note things that are important to you. If nothing else, I will write a book of these things to preserve us in history, if only for a while.

We all matter. Isabelle mattered, my father matters, my mother matters, Nyssa matters. She changed my life fundamentally, she was the first person to ever truly reach me, to show me that people can understand how my mind works, and was the first to truly inspire me to write. Even though she never will reach 25 years of age, she changed the world because she changed my life. Her death inspired me to not only live but to flourish, to share the message, and share what I perceive to be her message. I can’t do it justice, but I will try. I know she has had similar thoughts.

I miss her desperately, the sister in spirit who passed on before me. It’s only been two months and it’s very sad.  She was amazing. Every human life is amazing. You are amazing.

You matter.  Tell me about yourself, I am curious and interested. I won’t just ignore you.

~ by araelysia on December 5, 2012.

One Response to “You’re important.”

  1. Very good and positive, Katrina. I am proud of you!

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