Cutting Public Benefits

In an era of poverty, which we are certainly dealing with, I find it reprehensible that the first thing people think of is to take away benefits so that the richest citizens don’t need to pay more.  Can’t we find a middle ground?

Having lived in poverty my entire life (I’ve never been part of a household that made more than 20,000$) it sickens me, and worries me.

I grew up homeless.  I grew up without a surefire home, at some points living on couches, and I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with children living like that in what we consider to be the “Best country on Earth”.  That’s what Americans like to consider themselves, right?  Hah.  I grew up on walmart food with an alcoholic chainsmoking father. I lived in a motel and got picked on for everything imaginable, from my glasses to my jaw to the fact that I smelled and couldn’t make the odor go away.

I am going to college right now, but I live in a section 8 apartment and survive on TANF and food stamps. I make our 914 dollars a month (total) last until the 20th, and I can make a penny scream.

I am one of those people who may be facing having benefits cut.  Certainly there are people who manipulate the system.  That is not something I am denying, however having lived in poverty I can tell you most people do not *choose* to be poor. We live in a really screwed up society where we think first of the dime, and not the hungry. We think first of pleasing the rich, not feeding or warming the poor.

I grew up with mice running into my bedroom some nights because there was a hole in the wall. That was when I realized I was living a cliche.

If you want to “Clean up the system” wouldn’t it be better to do so without making more people hungry?  More people are needing food banks than ever, and all the food banks I know have to cut the amount of food they can give and the amount of people they can give it to because they are not receiving enough either.  When are we going to call enough enough and consider ourselves a community?


~ by araelysia on December 20, 2012.

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