Drae’kyn’adra excerpt

“Amaleh began to grow quiet, and alone, and depressed. She disappeared and wasn’t heard of for a long time, because people stopped believing in her. But one person did not. Kat. Kat still could not entirely forget the sensation of feeling the scales of a dragon, living within another skin. She knew that on some planet, at some point in time the Drae’kyn’adra lived and existed and breathed, and it was all because of Amaela. If it wasn’t for Amaela, no one would have dared tamper with nature. Amaela was the next thing to a God, but she hated being reminded of what she had had to do to create the race in the first place.

She had had to come up with the perfect storm, the perfect blending of traits from humans and dragons alike. She obsessively studied DNA for years until she could read it like a book, and she began to craft a new race that took on both features. At long last, years later she finally had her specimen. She no longer cared about what the humans thought, she no longer thought of herself as one. Amaela was more than human from the beginning. She was touched by a dragon from a young age, and never forgot. She went crazy, but she never forgot the adoration the baby dragon had bestowed upon her. She lived in a time when understanding of magic and science was growing faster than most people could keep up with it, and she managed to harness both and weave it all together into one beautiful creation.

Amaela was a God, but she hated to be reminded.

Amaela sat in her chair, refusing to acknowledge that it was in fact a throne. She was in denial about quite a few things, her own mental health being one of them. The sun was beginning to set, and the warmth cascaded over her scales like water droplets from a mist. She gazed off into the distance, hardly noticing her surroundings. She no longer was quite there.
“Where is he?”
“The boy, Barron A’Klyseis? Where is he? Where has he gone? You must know.” A female Drae’kyn’adra, with purple and red skin was walking toward her. How had she gotten in? The doors were warded… Amaela began to rise. Something about the light, and her mood, and her mental state though made her sluggish. The woman was closer, striding across the black and white floor. Who was she?
“I said WHERE IS HE?” The woman roared. Something was definitely wrong, no one should be able to reach that deeply into their auric field except…
The blast knocked her onto the floor. She felt herself sliding backward and was still too stunned to react. She began to open her mouth when the ringed hand hit her across the face. “I asked you a question. Now tell me where he is!” A knife had appeared in her hand, a short one with an odd handle… The handle was shaped like an axe but that blade.. There was something wrong with that blade. The runes, the energy all just seemed to slide like oil, impossible to discern. Where was the blade from?
The blade was creeping closer and closer to her as the woman became more and more angry. Amaela opened her mouth to answer the question when…. the guard slammed into the woman, and the force drove the blade into Amaela’s side, between her ribs. She felt the ocean overtake her and drifted on waves of pain and discontent. Something was wrong.
Amaela looked up at Te’ruy’an and whispered, or tried to whisper, “it’s okay. He is safe now, the boy is secure.” But all she could say was secure. The lights glared into her eyes and she was driven back, and she slipped away from consciousness.”

Welcome to my brain. This is what’s going on.


~ by araelysia on December 26, 2012.

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