Politics- Specifically Congress, etc.

This is something I have felt for a very, very long time. Back when I first figured out how the world really works.

First of all, the people running the country should not be making such obscene amounts of money while the people who are the backbone support of this country (the working class, that makes everything happen) are dumped on repeatedly, and constantly screwed over.

Secondly, they certainly should not be making judgments about how poverty works when they have never been poor in their life.

Thirdly, they need to be doing work and working to represent ALL of America, not just the ones with money. And by that I mean corporate leaders.

Fourth, The entire point is to counteract things and make sure that America agrees on different things, and to make changes for each other and themselves, right? So why is it a constant bitchfest? You’re not children, don’t act like it. If you want to take your emotions to work with you, get a different job, you represent this country and you disgust me.

I think everyone on congress should have to live for a month on Food Stamps alone, before being able to make any decisions about the poor.  Same with health insurance and everything. If we want this country to work well we need to take back some of our strength from the corporations that rule our health care system, and everything else.  Who can buy food from farmers anymore? Who *knows how*???

Exactly.  We need our independence, we need big changes, but until Americans begin to wake up and start speaking out, we will continue on a dark path. I for one am standing up for myself, and learning to become more self-sustaining ecologically. It may take me a decade, but I will do it, and will teach my children. 

I guess I just believe that we are stronger as a people when we are stronger as individuals within the society. Right now, how many Americans work for less than 20,000$ a year?  What percentage?  What percentage of our population works hard and lives in poverty, trapped and with a difficult future ahead of them?  Who lives in apartment buildings with no access to food or education about anything along those lines?  When these idiots toss us over the fiscal cliff, *WE* will be the ones affected by the food prices, these people will be fine. After all, they set it up that way, right? Or their backers did.

Come ON, America! Face the facts! I did, and I live more clearly now because of it. Your choice about how you react to it is your own, it’s just a suggestion, but at least recognize what’s being done.


~ by araelysia on December 29, 2012.

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