My Introversive Aversion…

Perhaps that’s a bad play on words. I don’t have an aversion to introverts, in fact I am one. Strongly. I always have been.  For the longest time, and I still do feel this way, I thought of people as just being mean or cruel. Now, however, I have come to accept myself, and my need for solitude and quiet. It’s just how I am, my brain is too noisy to want to fill with other things. I’d rather share my thoughts in my own way.

People interrupt me in person. I’m not sure if they mean to or if they just have no respect for me, but it happens, and it confuses me, and I forget what I was saying. I don’t want anyone to be forgotten in history, or rather the fact that we hear so little about each other in our lives and in our deaths.  Everything we do matters, who we are matters. We are over 7 billion different individuals living their life as best they can given their circumstances and we go through extraordinary things.

I just want to be accepted for who I am by my family, but I don’t feel that I am. I feel like the only person who has accepted me unconditionally is my father, at least from blood family.

It’s so tiring, to socialize, to hear people, to be near people. I just want to be alone. That doesn’t mean I’m depressed. It just means I like solitude.

~ by araelysia on December 30, 2012.

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