An Excerpt from Corporate Wars

Some background before you read it: This is an excerpt from my book, Corporate Wars. It is a dystopian “sci fi” set in 2068.  Corporations can buy people, and there’s an uprising. The journal is Kiera McKenna’s, who until recently (or until just after this was written) worked for Bancorp.  The corporations all worked together to make this happen and have been slowly buying each other up.  Anyway, yeah… this is Kiera.

Meh, screw it. Here’s an excerpt of her journal:

“Before I met Benjamin, things just made sense.
No, that’s not quite true. It was just easier to pretend. Every day I’d wake up and go through the motions, again, and again, and again. He was a catalyst for change in me.

He opened my eyes, made me see the problems I faced. He also showed me a doorway into another life. I don’t know if he is alive or dead now, but I know he was alive, and he changed me, and that he matters.

Thinking of him and all the time in that apartment, all the people.. it makes me wonder what happened before. Before the Corporations were in power. They didn’t teach us about that stuff in class, because… well, because they wanted power.

Benjamin made me open up to a world of scary thoughts, and now I need to walk into it. I am taking a couple of minutes to rest after seeing just one of the Gallery floors of RAGS.

This area has respect now, it didn’t when I was a little girl. I remember that things got scary when I was six. I was told to remember that the fourth quadrant was dangerous, and to stay away. They filled my head with thoughts of villainy, and it stuck. What did they leave out of my childhood? So much, I’m sure.

Twenty years later, and distant, my thoughts are on the past, and all because of this girl… no, woman’s journal. Her and Benjamin, working on my mind. I’m afraid of the path that lies before me, but I don’t think I have a choice.

Peirot, I met him today, he offered me safety here. I am not sure what I can do. Do I face it now, or run home? I don’t think I have a choice. Shit.

I feel safe here, but I don’t think I can stay. I don’t want to put them in more danger, more under their watchful eye. There is one thing everyone knows- Don’t upset the corporations too much, you may not survive.”

This is approximately December 6th 2068. Dystopian fiction, Corporate Wars 🙂 It’s my own writing, promise. This was an exercise, but I like it. My name is Katrina Wolfgang, you can add me on Facebook if you like. Note, I post a lot.

~ by araelysia on January 1, 2013.

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