365 day 5 (late, written yesterday)

This is an excerpt from my Treikin girl story. Please note, I was not really feeling the characters, because I just started the story, so don’t be a judgmental ass please 🙂

3 pages written in a journal. There is more story before this so if you want it, let me know.

“Leora scrunched her toes. They hurt now. Toby looked down and finally notice it. Why was he ignoring the question? When he finally spoke, his voice surprised her.

“I am a Shadow Guardian. I’ll just go ahead and assume the Treikin didn’t tell you about me, either.” At her puzzled expression, he nodded and kept talking. “That means I am here to protect you and help you find your Essences. Look, can we just go back to warmth now? I’m not the only one where I am staying, I answer to someone else. Her name is Menala.” He trailed off, then started again after a pause.

“Leora, I understand. I really do. A guy comes tearing out of nowhere after you on horseback, and starts talking about who and what you are without having formally met you.  You are all alone out here and frankly I would be scared too, but you are also cold. Maybe it’s just your feet, but you need shoes; winter is nearly here.

“I am part of a society that does this. I’m sorry the Treikin didn’t tell you, but.. You need a friend.”  He spoke gently, his expression earnest. “Just trust me for tonight, please? I’m not going to hurt you.”

Leora watched him, her emerald eyes narrowed in thought. Before she left the Treikin home, she would have trusted him. Probably. Seeing what humans were capable of in the towns she passed through had hardened her. She was afraid. He seemed earnest now, though.

Leora straightened. “Stay here a second.”  The halfling girl walked about twenty paces away and sat down for a minute. She pulled a foot up onto her right knee and began to massage feeling back into her feet. They felt like lumps of cold, wet clay to her. How much longer could she go without shoes before the damage was permanent? Secretly she watched Toby, stealing glances every so often. Her feet were ugly now. The bottoms were toughened, and they were very pale with the cold air. The runes in her clothes didn’t extend to her feet.

They were covered in mud and had leaves on them, but beneath the muck they were now white and red, mottled like marble. “I don’t think feet are supposed to look like that.” Toby’s voice made Leora jump. He had moved closer since the last time she had looked. Now he stood only ten feet away.

Color flooded her cheeks. “If it bothers you, don’t look!” she snapped, rubbing feeling back into her foot. It felt tingly now, and distantly painful. That meant the blood was moving. She’d had to do this more than once this past week. She studiously ignored that his arms were crossed and he seemed to be waiting for her to keep talking.”

I’m going to stop there for now, I still have a page and a half if anyone wants to read more of it.

~ by araelysia on January 6, 2013.

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