Day Eight

I’ve been swamped. I like my classes, I was really screwed up today for some reason. I got to my first class but got confused by the door. Welcome to college, where the most confusing thing is the architecture.

Anyway, my following class I missed the bus by three minutes and was late to class, but I finally met the Mongolian woman from last term english, and she’s really awesome. Her name is Tugsu, and that’s said like “Took-sue”. It means Perfection, it’s a nickname for her longer name.

I’m fascinated by how everything is working out this year. I don’t usually get all spiritual anymore, but I think this year is going to force me into it. I don’t mind, it may help with my creativity, but at the same time I’m afraid to lose myself in the suspension of disbelief, you know?

The first three days I came up with more than 15 new pages of material, and have been having random little tangents come out of my mind. I’ve been plotting out the fantasy I started, and balancing my life. It has all swept by, one thing leading right into the next like a domino effect. I really hope it keeps going like this, it’s a pleasant tumble. I hope the landing won’t hurt. Maybe it’s a tumble upward.

I truly hope so, I want that home. I can see it. You know what? I’ll even describe it to you, and myself.

I see a decent sized family room, about the same size as the one we have now. I’d just have a partial wall between that and the kitchen, and it would be built into a hill, or into a sloping style, not square. There would be at least four, if not six distinct rooms aside from the bathroom (I need my own room to work on my writing) and then the storage rooms. It’d be modest, but not too modest. I want modest and comfort. I’m allowed, especially if.. no, when these books become bestsellers.

Anyway, I’d like more calm flowing lines, more fluid shaped, not as box-y. I’d love a nice flat field for vegetables and fruits and maybe a couple of grazing animals.  I’d be overjoyed if I lived near other people I could trade stuff with, for barter. I see my home.

Oh, I want to share this with you, world. I’m trying to come up with an organizing plan for say, six to eight homes all built similarly in a patch of land together. I’d work maximizing food-layering etc, and would coordinate ways for the residents to learn to do things that would be necessary.  Maybe we could have solar panels as well, I don’t know. I want to figure this out, I want to plan it. I want to live there for at least a few years, and if I could sell my house at that point for not, that’d be great. I’d love for this to be an option for families and singles who just want out of the rat race and are perhaps homeless or trapped in poverty as I have been for the last 25 years. My entire life, I’ve never made more than the poverty line.

Money doesn’t matter to me. Being able to depend on myself, that matters to me. Security. I’d love to give security to those who want it, and perhaps help others with future development of these. I just want to help.


~ by araelysia on January 9, 2013.

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