Just words into the void..

Everything is symbolism, story, part of the game, part of the plan. I took some steps outside myself years ago when I was alone and broken and scared, and I shed myself to look around. I looked at the whole picture, and came back, and everything settled into place. I’ve followed and trusted in the path I felt before me, and it led me through the most terrifying moments of my life.

We all live fear, every day. We have hopes, dreams, ambitions. What is just a story to you is real life to someone else, it’s their waking moments, their nightmares, their feverish dreams. That is life. Life is beautiful and terrible, tragic and fantastic, and immeasurably worth every bite, no matter the pain.  Sometimes the pain becomes too much and lives are lost, but in some ways they live on forever in the memories of those still following the waves of life, hoping to find the shore.

We are all lost sometimes, struggling to keep our heads above water. Try to understand each other, build connections.  Trust that not everyone is terrible. Anyone can be a friend.

We all grow up a little broken, and try to find the ways to mend the pieces.  Not everyone can, and that’s sad, but if you do your best and realize that some of the best moments of your life are yet to come, everything is a bit more bearable.

Life hurts. The hurt is good sometimes, or at least good to experience.. For without the sharp pain of loss, fear, tragedy, failure, how can we truly know joy, success, pride, self-recognition?

❤ We all exist outside of time, working together toward a better future. I recognize you. Thank you for being who you are.


~ by araelysia on January 18, 2013.

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