Yesterday I went in for my gym class, and I was late. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off until 3:00 or, and then I ate chicken teriyaki at one of the yummy places. It was really close to the college. I’ve had a rough, stressful week. I cleaned up a lot so far today..  Yesterday I got to play a little lego lotr. I haven’t been able to all week and Jason and I are both stressed out, though I don’t know why he is. I hate feeling itchy.

This is from the words “chide” and “feathers”.  I will be adding more to it eventually..

   ” Qixria was chiding her daughter for swooping about and knocking pidgeons through the square when the outsiders came through.  Her vivid tailfeathers rustled nervously behind her while she gently nudged Xandria behind her. She watched fearfully as the outsiders began to come across the wayfarer bridge, and somehow they seemed bigger with their darker, earthier clothes. It was the first time Qixria felt fear in a long time, and it was fear of the unknown. Was she getting old? What would come in the days to follow?  Qixria didn’t know.  They walked right through the town, headed straight for the vast white building in the center of their city.
    The man in the front with the girl with the fiery hair seemed very serious, somehow. Trained. Qix didn’t remember much about other, farther away cultures, but she knew enough about the soldier ranks in the center of the city to notice that someone was trained. “


~ by araelysia on January 26, 2013.

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