It is the 26th day of the month and year, and I have a declaration to make. I want to hear about you.

Yes, you. I would love to hear your stories, your trials and challenges, what you’ve overcome and what you’re facing now. Human life fascinates me, and we spend so much time on our computers and hiding from that, while we only live a short life. I won’t be around in a century. The world will be a different place. I want to know who lives with me now, and I want to have letters to keep and hopefully hold onto after my death. I’d love to start some kind of library for stuff like that, a place for people to go to find out about people who came before them.

But for right now, to begin, I’d love to hear from you, to read what you have to say. We cannot learn if we don’t listen, right? Tell me anything. wolfgang.katrina@gmail.com.  Email me your address, or tell me who you are and I’ll give you mine. ❤


~ by araelysia on January 26, 2013.

One Response to “Letters!”

  1. I don’t like defining myself because I feel it is so limiting. I have enough ambitions for four lifetimes but I don’t believe in reincarnation so I better get my act together. Basically I’m a writer who has a day job that keeps the writing down. I am a high school math teacher who is going to retire in a year and a half at which time I will become a full-time writer. I have three daughters, a granddaughter and used to have two dogs. My husband is my best friend and we’ve been together over forty years. I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life and write about some of them in my blog. I’m a newbie to blogging. I started May 22, 2012. I’ve been to your website three times. Have a great week.

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