Day 29- Aedric

The pizza delivery guy will be here any minute, but I just wanted to stop a moment and talk about my son Aedric, and his beautiful gift.  He has now at least three, if not four times, given myself and my husband or my friend Kendra tarot readings. He is a year old.

First, the cards are a simplified deck. I’m not even sure how many are around- around 3/4, at least, and the readings have been accurate. Every single one has been accurate.

Wow, speaking of this, I just noticed he shoved the “Hermit” tarot card at my feet at some point in the last six hours. That card suits me deeply, I am often distant because I am an introvert, and I find it safer and easier to live in my mind. So far the three cards he handed Jason today were the 8 of cups, which is like walking away from your success, etc, and the Knight and Page, or Jack and Commoner, of coins. That’s a major, major message about money.

Wow, okay, so I ordered a cheesesteak, right, because HELLO, I found out I can eat provolone!!! So anyway, he arrives and Aedric shoves his way out past my leg.. well, read this status update:

“I just have to share. I was getting my food from the delivery guy right, and Aedric shoved his way past my legs and started crawling around in the hallway. The guy and I were juggling what he needed to do and I needed to do and keep Aedric nearby. I think it made that guy’s night, I heard him laughing a little when he was walking away. I explained to Aedric that this was the hallway and once he gets bigger he might be walking down it more rather than be in the stroller.

Wow, life is fucking amazing. Pardon me, but that needed to be said.”

That’s me on my facebook. Look up Katrina Wolfgang, I’m probably the first one.

Words cannot express how amazed and grateful I am to have this beautiful being in my life. He is a light the force of a sun, and it is just astounding. I am beyond grateful for this gift, that he chose me to be his mother here. ^__^


~ by araelysia on January 30, 2013.

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