33 days (and 3 days late)

I know I haven’t posted the last couple of days. To be fair, it is because I was very busy in person and socializing in person, and I wrote stuff down physically instead. I will transcribe it shortly, but I’ve got stuff to do in person. Someone accidentally erased my 44% unlocked game of Lord of the Rings… (Lego)

Makes me sad. Oh well. 

The prompt I read was what are three wishes I’d wish for if I could.

1. I would wish I could talk to Nyssa’s spirit one more time, like, legitimately see/feel/speak to her and be sure I was really getting that communication. Just once, no matter how much it hurt.

2. I would then wish that I have enough time in my life to tell all the stories and teach the things I mean to teach, and yet also have time for my family, and to enjoy this life. I hope to balance my work and my family.

3. The third thing I would wish for is… I don’t know. To have a stronger memory, or not have to worry about what I do to relax, or to live in a slightly different time period, but all of those have negative side effects. I’d like to think I would solve world hunger, if I could.


~ by araelysia on February 3, 2013.

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