You know, I may not believe in God in the same way as Christians, or the Greek Pantheon in the same ways as they did, though I do highly respect the archetypes.. But you know what I do love? What I believe in?  The power of human connection. Right now my son is standing next to me knocking all his tarot cards on the floor. He has given me 3 readings, so far, and he’s only 13 months old as of the 3rd.

Only ten minutes ago, I was playing with Aedric and I was talking to Jason and him about the book I’m reading (by Stephen King, it’s called Under the Dome. The Stand like, but more fucked up, in a way, but a similarly closed environment.)

I shifted the topic to the author, and then to myself because I have been thinking profoundly about my writing and my goals and style and myself and my future, all of it, and I told him (and the room) that one day I will send Aedric to good schools (presuming he wants to go) and I will provide and do amazing things, and I will do good things for the world, and then just ten minutes ago NOW, he pulled all his tarot cards off the top of the top drawer except for the World, pointed it out to me, and we had a like, moment of psychic understanding. I sound nuts, but it’s true. That IS possible…  To connect, on a different level than verbally. ❤ I love my son. Whether or not the tarot card thing is just a really profound, perfect coincidence.  Note, I have not shown him the meanings of the cards at all. 😀

I love him whether or not the tarot thing is real. ❤ He is my world.

~ by araelysia on February 6, 2013.

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