An Intelligent Animal

You know, it occurred to me just now, as I was watching the streams of my breast milk go go into the bottle, that I am an intelligent animal. That’s really all being a human is; you are an intelligent animal. I have the capability to understand concepts like being able to use my hands to pump breast milk to store for Aedric for later. I was able to problem solve the most efficient way (given my supplies) to do so, without wasting much.

Then, I thought about that, and about the fact that I’ve been considering my status in life, and on my path to eventual death, and I just sort of wondered at the fact that there are over seven BILLION of us on the planet living our own little lives.

Just to give you an idea, 7,000,000,000. According to wikipedia it is closer to 7,064,000,000… Ish. 

That is a lot of people. I consider myself lucky to be born in a time period where this is something I can comprehend, and my vision might be able to be fixed, and I won’t die terribly (well, I know more things…)

I just find it really, really awesome that I am able to think.

And that’s what I love about life.


~ by araelysia on February 8, 2013.

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