Cheating a little..

I did the math, I only need to do a couple of more blog posts and I’m all caught up, because I did extra last month. SAVED!  Aedric is making a mess on the floor right now, and I just need some me-time to try to write, so I’m just going to let it all spill out. I feel awkward in my own skin a lot. I start to feel better, then I feel like people are picking on me or upset with me or whatever and I feel out of place, so I shell up, and then it all just keeps spiraling.

Aedric makes me happy. My little man is starting to get his back teeth, which explains why he’s been getting so whiny. He hates when people stick their fingers in his mouth (though who wouldn’t hate that??)   Hah, he just bit me. I deserve it ❤

He’s a year and six weeks old, just about. It is amazing to me how time flies, and how I have changed and how I haven’t changed.


~ by araelysia on February 17, 2013.

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