A release…

“Release release release release let it go let it flow right off your back little sister, let it go… let it flow Writing is a key to the soul let it go, let it flow, you will survive. Everything. A’Raelys. Araelysia. Shard of All That Is. You reflect the universe, because you can see the message. Learn. Know Grow Teach Be live breathe let it go flower of the Universe, it’s you. You are the key, you alone can decode it. Connect, live and learn and feel the message. Transcribe it. Live it, feel it, breathe it, be it. Be yourself. Learn who you are, and document it. Find your seed of life journal. Find yourself.”

This is mine. Copywrited, whatever. it’s MINE. I wrote it, and finished it at 11:11 pm my time.  My name is Katrina Wolfgang, and I live in Portland, Oregon.


~ by araelysia on February 24, 2013.

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