Magikarp and Gyarados

“I can fall in love again, but I don’t know that I want to. Hurting like this sucks. I’m only 24 though, I have 50 years or more to go. to presume now is ultimately important is foolhardy at bet. Some moments are life-changing, yes, but they go by and become the past, and that’s what hurts most, isn’t it?

Allow yourself to be transformed .Then just change the world.”

I was thinking a lot this morning about endings and beginnings, life dreams and what’s going on currently..  We decided to get divorced.  Five words. We’re still friends. Three words.  Hmm, interesting how this works…  Anyway, I was thinking of what Kendra said about pisces males (Jason is a pisces) and that they’re difficult to understand, and while I was walking up to the school, I started thinking “Pisces males may look like Magikarp, but they’re more like Gyarados…” Which is something that Nyssa would have said, so I started thinking of her.

No matter what happens, I can handle it. We are still friends. I think this is for the best, actually. It’s hard to think of the future though, so I’m just going to get through the present.

You may look like a Magikarp, but you’re a Gyarados within.  Find your Dragon, find your dreams, follow your soul.

~ by araelysia on February 26, 2013.

One Response to “Magikarp and Gyarados”

  1. *HUGS* I know you’ve had issues for a while, and I’m sorry to hear of it. I’m sending healing thoughts and energies your way, and I hope you know that if you need someone to talk to (my parents have been divorced for 20+ years now), I’m here for you, love. ❤

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