Brittle Widows..

This is a poem I wrote I think when I was pregnant with Aedric in the summer of 2011.

“Brittle branches along the shoreline
Battered panes on empty windows
Lonely widows line the beaches
Gazing at the hateful horizon.
Stranded, whipped cruelly by fate and debris
Trails of tears cut silver down their cheeks.
Alone, adrift in stormy waters
The sole survivor clings to life.
Feverish fervor lights a fire in his eyes
Keeping him alive longer than he should be.
Eyes the same as the sea,
Hardened gems in a warrior’s face.
Aged more than he should be,
He drifts along
Surrendered to the mercy of the waves”

It totally captures how I feel right now. Eerily so.

This was written by me, Katrina Wolfgang.

~ by araelysia on March 25, 2013.

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