I believe in them. In other news, it is also April, which is a month of new beginnings. Spring, growth, movement forward. Today was my first day of the Spring term at MHCC. It was okay, the class has potential.

I feel a little queasy, but that’s because I had Pizza Hut pizza and fish sticks for dinner. With Pepsi.  Urgh.  My body is not amused. In fact, I’m really hoping I don’t throw up. I haven’t done that since I was 4 months pregnant. Oh well, new things.

Yeah, that’s all I got for today guys, sorry…


~ by araelysia on April 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “ALIENS”

  1. Pizza and fish sticks? No wonder your body is rebelling.

    • I know, right? To be fair, though, it was like 3 hours in between. My friend got the pizza as a treat, and the fish sticks have been in the bottom of the freezer for 2 months, but I needed SOMETHING :/

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