So, I was reading this thing today about how to be a better writer- to write, to open yourself up, to just let it all go, and to work on it, to take it seriously. Part of it was to find your brand or your style, your niche, etc.

Well, I’m in that process right now. I am Katrina Wolfgang. I am married, but we’re getting a divorce (quietly, it’s not a big deal, really) and I am the mother of a beautiful boy named Aedric. He’s a year old.

I’m re-developing who I am. I do this every couple of years- my interest and personality shifts and grows and changes, which I believe happens to many people. And this is the process. I am opening myself up to you, who are reading this. That’s what this blog is all about. That’s what A’Raelysia means. A’Raelys is a name that came to me back when I was very spiritual and not quite stable, but it reverberated around my soul, and it fits. The concept pulled me out of my depression.

A’Raelys means “The essence of all that is”. It’s the word that summarizes the essence of the entirety of existence. Every star, every atom, every universe.. because I believe the universes are also connected. I believe there are levels and dimensions that we in our lifetime will never fully comprehend, and everything is connected. Your life is connected to the tapestry of human existence. That has meaning. Life has meaning. A’Raelys is like more than a rainbow, more than the elements, it is light and dark, it is the night sky and every emotion imaginable and beyond.

A’Raelysia is a word that I adapted for the sense of self in my belief system. I’m trying to map it out a little so I can understand it. I am sorry this blog is so long, but I do hope some of you read it and follow and try to understand. I just want to share what I feel. Life is beautiful, even with the pain.

It means the Shard of All that Is, basically. It’s just like… You are the remnants of a star that exploded a long, long time ago. You are older than time and infinitely small, and it’s beautiful. It is beautiful because we can recognize one another, and our meaning, and our world, and we can affect it together. We can recognize our moment in human history. It has meaning.

This ended up being a bit longer than I meant, I’m going to do a part 2 that’s a bit simpler.

A’Raelys is an idea that I came up with in 2007 to describe how I felt.


~ by araelysia on April 4, 2013.

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  1. Beautifully written!!

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