Couldn’t think of anything else to call this one. I woke up at about 4:00 this morning to severe tooth pain. No, pressure. Pressure, pain is simply pressure.  I’m trying to train myself to not think of it in terms of “agony” but simply “pressure on nerves” because for some reason it doesn’t hurt so much when I just focus on it being pressure.

My mouth doesn’t have space for all the teeth I had- my upper jaw never quite grew out like my lower jaw. The wisdom teeth grew in sideways, crushing the molars next to them, and I’m now on part 3 of 4- meaning I’m going to lose the rest of my molars/wisdom teeth tomorrow. Yay. All throughout college this year. Every time I’ve gone in to have teeth extracted since October/November it’s been because I was in so much agony I had to.

I honestly feel a bit like a warrior about it. No, really. I grew up knowing that eventually I’d have to have a dental surgery because my jaw is so screwed up- my teeth don’t connect because of the difference between the jaws. My dad had to have all his teeth pulled by the time he was 25. I turn 25 in may and I am having most of mine removed by then.

I wish I could afford the partial dentures, but they cost 600$ a side. That’s 1200 total, and I would still need that dental surgery eventually, but hopefully by then I’ll have a bit of money from one of my books.

Oh, that’s another thing! I made up my own challenge. I am writing 100 words on 100 things in the notebook in my lap right now. So far I’ve written about a small journal I bought, a garlic bud, and a plastic easter egg I found.


~ by araelysia on April 9, 2013.

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