I just wrote this, it’s incredibly personal but I am behind on my ABC thing so I am posting this and baring my soul.

“Go down the rabbit hole and what do I find but a field of yellow flowers and bright sunshine. The sky is orange and red and warm and I feel the breeze as a caress upon my skin. I smell something warm and sweet and yellow, sensational and mellow.  Don’t be afraid of the rabbit hole, it’s just a key to yourself. In that moment of singularity you are one with the universe. The moments happen again and again, at different stages of your mind, but they’re all connected, like beads on the string of time.

Everything is connected, the hurts and the healing and the love and the stealing, the caring and the isolation and the pain. Existence itself is intertwined. With Life and Death in the same year, a bitterly sweet gift to seize the heart forever. In his eyes you see the stars and the sky and the universe, the oceans and the light and laughter. Through her you learned about yourself, through him you were born. Through her knowledge and your experience, your love and strength, you will transform the world by living in it. That is the one thing I wish everyone on the planet understood. The very fact that we exist is such a tenuous, amazing, beautiful thing… We should honor that and each other, not greed and war.

I don’t know how to share that more clearly.”

Voila. I love you. Namaste.


~ by araelysia on April 19, 2013.

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  1. Lovely!

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