A is for Awakening

So I went outside this morning when I woke up and on the way I grabbed my notebook. I wrote a little bit of my thoughts down to solidify the idea in my waking conscious mind, and poof. Everything clicked into place. It felt like my brain had been working on everything going on in my mind, my dreams, my goals, seeing if what I want is possible while I slept.

I realized while sitting on that bland plastic bench, watching way too many cars go by my poor plants, that I didn’t want to go back and sit at my computer. I didn’t want to. I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff. I feel like it’s all… shaking off, like all this baggage is loosening and I am emerging from it, stronger and bigger than ever.

And that’s what life is all about. When the going gets tough, the tough get mad, say FUCK YOU and struggle through it. At least, that’s how I get through stuff. But lately I’ve also had really deep, soul- crushing hopes for the future. I’ve realized my own mortality, and I have also realized the impact I wish to have on the world, if not through my writing.. Just as me, the person.

This may not be a pretty blog, but it’s honest. I’m trying to be honest because I love and respect honesty. I want to make connections with other human beings here and across the entire world, you know? I want to really exist when I am here. We all matter. I want to live my dream, and my dream is to learn. I want to learn so many things… I want to learn all about the world I live in- the plants, the animals, everything. I want to learn about the people, and the cultures, and the customs, even of people’s families. People are interesting.

I am an aware, conscious being. I’m aware of how infinitely priceless life is, and I am saying Hello.Ā  My name is Katrina Wolfgang, and I would like to get to know you. šŸ™‚

I have always hoped to find letters in the mailbox. Hmm. I should probably go write to Papa.


~ by araelysia on May 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “A is for Awakening”

  1. Hi, your blog caught my eye! You write very well; I will read more of your posts! Take care. šŸ™‚

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