When I opened the front door to my apartment today, I froze. I felt like one of the deer in NY that freezes in the headlights, right in front of your car. Shock slammed into me so hard that I felt like the earth moved. The carpets were wrong, and the walls… why did it smell like smoke? It took my mind a minute to register that the carpets in the hallway were not only dark red and gray-brown now, but the walls were yellow and kind of sickly looking. There were posters hanging off the walls that had been bare and pure white.

As if the weight of my gaze pulled it down, one of the posters fell gracefully to the ground. Rooted in place, I felt like time itself slowed down, and I saw a dark background with funky letters that looked like a halloween concert poster. But it’s May, right? My birthday’s not for a couple of weeks. I’m scared to go out there. What should I do?  I don’t know how far in the future it is but it stinks like smoke out there now, and this is a non-smoking building. The doors are different too, it looks more fake-elegant. You know, red wood and more… swirly-looking door handles. I’m afraid to go explore the rest of outside my door.  What if I can’t come back home?


~ by araelysia on May 7, 2013.

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