A beautiful distraction

I’ve blogged for years, and I like it, especially the fact that I can vent, and people can read it and not know who I am but know me in a way that people offline don’t.

I’m introverted. I have a hard time talking around loud people. I often feel like there is no point because I will be ignored, but I’m trying to raise my assertive voice recently. I’ll let you know how that goes..

Tomorrow is Mother’s day. I absolutely love my connection with my son. I can’t imagine a path in my life without him, because he is such a blessing to me. I mean it, there is just this beautiful presence when he is around. I’m glad I get to be his mom.

In a week I … holy crap it’s 5:18.¬† In a week it’s my birthday, May 18th. Years ago I used to see 5:18 EVERYWHERE. I always thought it meant that a birthday coming up was going to be an amazing day for me.

Anyway, in a week I turn 25. I’m excited and scared. This summer I’m going to unplug from the computer more. I want to connect with the world.


~ by araelysia on May 12, 2013.

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