Normally I don’t nag people to read what I say but this is about 85,000 trees getting cut down in Berkeley and Oakland while the students are out!



I don’t know if this did happen or if it was going to happen or if it is happening but this is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT and I really hope you know that. I haven’t gone on many tangents lately about the planet because honestly I haven’t had the time, but the oceans are littered more than you’d ever believe (look up “trash seas”, I did it myself. It even comes ashore in ALASKA. Hmm, right?

We are POISONING THE PLANET. I know what my “duty” is in this life, and that is to become self sustaining and try to clean up or assist with the cleanup of the planet. We need to get serious.


~ by araelysia on May 28, 2013.

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