Change Toward Change.

I’ve had a halfhearted coin jar sitting on my desk for months, and it still hasn’t reached a quarter of the way. People keep snagging it for bus fare (a needed expense, I understand, though it does annoy me that it hasn’t been paid back…)

However, people are leaving, and that means I must change my ways. First, that means I must clean my desk. That is what I will be doing tonight. I will hold myself accountable tomorrow if it isn’t still clean. Then I move to the rest of the room (I have a lot of stuff in a small space because I need to go through all the closets and throw stuff out but I haven’t had the time/capacity to do so..).

I plan to save change like I did years ago, more severely. Then I’ll take that money to buy things to make the apartment feel like home.


~ by araelysia on May 29, 2013.

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