Monsanto post again

Yes, I’ll be being more active about this because it’s not just my future I’m concerned with, it’s my son’s children. It’s the entire planet.

“The North American reliance on bees for pollination is at minimum from 30 to 40%. Does it not seem obvious that the digestion of genetic material directly affects the digestive process of the bees? Could it also be that there are similarities in the human population’s digestive process? It must also be noted that this increased epidemic of the bee colony collapse has risen significantly since the use of GMO in our foods. It is also suspect in the rise of new cases of medical ailments in humans such as colon cancer, obesity, heart disease, etc… In the writers’ opinion, the inability of the bees to pass matter digestively is quite similar to the present-day problems in the human digestive system”

I really shouldn’t have to go into much detail here, this is absolutely insane. Please, please, if you don’t know what Monsanto is, look it up. Look up what they have done to people, to family farmers, what they’ve done to the planet. Educate yourself, and then educate others. We need to stop this. I will stand against it, will you?

Heirloom seeds are the way to go. Garden. Grow. Learn. ❤


~ by araelysia on May 29, 2013.

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