Hurt (poem?)

I wonder sometimes,
Did it have to be this way?
Did it have to happen as it did?
Could things have been changed?
I don’t know that it matters
Because choices were made
Boundaries shattered
Feelings disrespected..
Devastation, plain and simple.

Learning to speak
When you’ve never known sound
is harder than you realize.
Hurt is primal, beyond speech
We need to learn to speak it.
Know when to unleash it
And when to repeat it.

You hurt me, you pissed me off, you disrespected me.. You taught me new things about people that I wish I hadn’t known, but now that I do.. Well, I don’t know. That’s the point of life, isnt it? When things are said rashly, words hang there forever. If not the exact words, then certainly the intent.

Well, here’s my intent. I release you from your karmic bond to me. I release you, and I forgive you.. but I won’t forget. I can’t. The damage is too deep, and unreconciled. That doesn’t just go away, even if you hide from it.

I’m done hurting, I’m going to start to heal.


~ by araelysia on June 16, 2013.

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