Money Troubles

I just got the letter from my college telling me that I got denied for Financial aid for next term, even though I had the letter from my therapist. So now I need to come up with enough money to afford 6 credits at school, as well as other necessities throughout the summer. I still need new glasses (500~)  and I would frankly love to have a way to chew, but that involves getting my remaining teeth pulled. I’m not sure I want that. Do I want to face being old at 25 like my dad? How much of a hit to the ego is it? You know?  What was it that truly crushed my dad’s spirit? What made it so he doesn’t want to write anymore?

I know for me, the fear is getting in too deep. Even thinking about Nyssa and Aedric makes me cry, let alone all the shit wrong with this world.

I have to get past it. The world deserves Corporate Wars. I know that’s an odd way to think about it, but I tend to consider stories to be something that need to be shared  I think of my stories as real, because they are. The fact that they exist, even in my head, gives them reality, credence. The characters deserve to be known, understood, and then shared. I have to be the first to see the world though.

I’m the pioneer, and the hurts will be sharpest because it comes straight from the heart. It hurts because I am tapping into my life experiences, which have been painful.

But all in all, my solution for my money troubles, aside from CW is Tarot readings. I have a facebook page and everything. I do Tarot readings for 20$. I did one for a friend that I haven’t seen in years about her new relationship. I’ve never met or spoken to the guy, and I didn’t know much about their relationship. I knew she was with someone new and had moved, but no more than that.

She told me that my reading was dead on everything that was happening, and her boyfriend also said it was a really good reading 🙂  I love that feeling. I love this song, apparently. Teach Your Children. ❤

Man, today is all about feels. 

If you want a tarot reading, please don’t hesitate to reply or email me. My email is You’re helping a single mom ❤

~ by araelysia on June 25, 2013.

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