Character Development tactics

I’ve run into some problems with my Corporate Wars characters. The story world is so dense that I’m having trouble connecting deeply with the characters because I am having to stretch how people would grow to become in an alternate culture/society.

My main character, Kiera McKenna, is being a bit difficult to pin down. Her parents were revolutionaries who simply “disappeared” during the rebellion of 20 years ago. The world as it stands now is a dystopia, and history beyond that time period is missing from the knowledge of the citizens. There are few old enough to remember.

It’s difficult to write because when I write I connect deeply to the story and this is a world that would wound me, so I don’t know how to shift my mind into becoming the characters. This is all part of my mind’s excuses to not write, but I’m not taking it hard on myself anymore because I’ve been trying to study every book I read or movie I watch. So far I’m reading Wicked and 1984, and I just got Oz the Great and Powerful from the Redbox at WinCo earlier today on a whim. (SPOILERS)

Oz himself has a major attitude problem- he’s really kind of a dick. So far, anyway. He’s a con artist who worked for the circus.. Wow, why did I almost write surface? I was thinking of the character’s dark side but maybe my subconscious is telling me that everything exists beneath the surface. Only 10% of your feelings about something happening (A fight with the boyfriend over the dishes etc) are actually to do with current stuff. Most of it is conditioning from youth..

Perhaps that’s it. Maybe I need to try to tap into her younger self to make the character more anchored in the story world.

What do you think? What’s holding you back? What are your character’s darknesses, and what lies beneath the surface? Who we show to the outside world is not necessarily the same person we are deep within. Thoughts?


~ by araelysia on June 26, 2013.

One Response to “Character Development tactics”

  1. Darknesses – racism, hatred, genocidal tendencies, murder, … etc.
    In the series I’m writing (an publishing voer at my blog ;Þ) I have dug into many different characters. Although many of them share a deep rooted character trait of mine – They’re loners….

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