Method Writing

So, I’ve heard of method acting- Christian Bale and Heath Ledger come to mind (That poor man <3)

But I have recently begun something I hate myself a little for, and I feel if I concentrate on it it may help me with my writing. I’m buying Pepsi, concentrating on the marketing and the labeling and the sheer amount of advertisements they spam everywhere to con people into drinking their noxious potion. Don’t tell me it’s not… It’s terrible for you. I don’t know of any other species on the planet that drinks something that is exploding all the time.

I stand there in the store, and I look at it, I stare at that calm, happy looking label so hard that I want the bottles to explode. I think about all the people like me with terrible teeth now because of it.

My first cat’s name was Pepsi. I thought it was poetic at the time- Pepsi was a male black kitten with six claws on each front paw, and five on the back. He had little hands. I used to think of him as my little dragon cub. When my dad brought him home and he was playing in the yard, he asked what I wanted to call him. The sun on his fur made him look like a glass of Pepsi, so that was his name.

Anyway, I am going to research the marketing and how they are selling it to people because I have not had the money to or the inclination to have a TV for the last 7 years. This apartment is my first steady home in nearly a decade.


~ by araelysia on July 2, 2013.

3 Responses to “Method Writing”

  1. Love that line… “something that is exploding all the time.” Never thought about it like that, but now I’ll never think about it any other way.

    Sigh… I just groan when I think of all the things I’ve done because they seemed “so poetic at the time.”

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