Fuck Independence Day.

I’m celebrating ME.

No, really. I’m sick of seeing the patriarchy.. I mean, PATRIOTIC spirit of America pop out whenever people are led into the box with the little popsicle flags to listen to someone on a soapbox blather on about liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sorry, I don’t know where you were when you grew up, but I grew up VERY AWARE of my poverty, my place in at least our society (compared to the rest of the world I was very well off- I had a roof over my head and food in my stomach, even if it was terrible processed crap).  I had clothes, even if they stank of cigarettes and other kids asked me if I was a drug addict.

The last time I was excited for it was when I lived with Papa. He and I would sit out on the grass and watch the fireworks down at the lake. him with his beer, me with my Pepsi. He did the best for me he could, but our world tore him up, and it was at that time that I was becoming aware of that, and how much working a “normal job” shredded his soul, his body, his spirit.

Yes, by all means, respect the country because it’s better than North Korea or Russia.. But don’t kid yourselves, please. We have Guantanamo,GMO’s and radiation rising and all kinds of things going on. We just don’t notice because we have distractions- the xbox, the computer, Facebook…. The Fourth of July.

How many people are spending money on the beef industry today? Supporting the things that we know happen, but we pretend that our impact doesn’t make much of a difference because so many other people are doing it. But on days like today, it’s just… Part of the rote. It’s what we do, right? Hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, all bought from a store. We have no connection to our own FOOD source anymore.

No, thank you. I’m spending my day working on my apartment (getting it cleaned and organized), my book, and my tarot business. I’m celebrating my Independence because I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I haven’t watched the news in nearly a decade. I keep informed, but I won’t support it. I want to support You. i want to support the people who chan change the world- us. Not people who died hundreds of years ago- our constitution has been edited and shifted since then, I think we should come up with a new one. It’s the new millenium, after all.

I guess I just wish people really freaking cared.


~ by araelysia on July 4, 2013.

One Response to “Fuck Independence Day.”

  1. It hurts my heart that you feel this way. Do U know why we celebrate The 4th?? As you say, you want you independence from many things, soilders died in a Bloody British battle, and died so we, and YOU I might add..so we can have that VERY same Independence you enjoy today.

    Was these men’s lives not worth anything for you to enjoy your freedom to do all the things you enjoy like writing, helping others, even decorate your apartment. They did not die, or many millions from generation to generation.

    As far as News and our society today, it’s sad that our generation is to busy with, cell phones, computers, xbox, wii’s and much more. We celebrate not for commercial reasons, maybe some people are like that, we Celebrate because we won a war to have our American Shore’s back fro British rule. And there really is nothing to be afraid of if you Look at the Bigger picture of what our lord has in store in the future.

    Your struggles will also not be in vain, it prepares us for Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. WE ALL have the ability in each and everyone of us to make our success, or change our present situations, but it seems easier to but the blame elsewhere……….Attitude, Gratitude, and Humility can change the WORLD………….. *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂

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