Self challenge is what I used to inspire this, and the “750 words a day” thing.

This rose is symbolic of the scorched spirit of the people, too stressed by their daily lives to upset the status quo, too consumed with the now to stop and smell the roses. Or perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe someone sprayed some pesticides on it, and the plant couldn’t handle it. Or in the process of moving, the girl who loved this flower got so caught up in the hurts and feelings of her daily life that she lost focus.

Maybe it’s symbolic of the need to care for yourself, to love yourself and the world you are in. It is still trying so hard to thrive, to survive. It flourishes even around the death, still lush around the dried, cracking flesh on the underbelly of the rose.

This rose made me sad when I first saw it. The life of this rose is a small thing to me, I’ve never seen it in real life but now I wonder what happened to it. The rose doesn’t care who cares for it, it cares that it’s cared for. Instead of focusing on what happened, we need to focus on the feelings in order to heal them.

I don’t know.


~ by araelysia on July 5, 2013.

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