What is the hardest?

On the bus earlier I was thinking to myself “You know, you’d think that the first paragraph would be hardest, but it’s not. It’s getting farther, going deeper. Four paragraphs in you begin to lose yourself in it, and that’s what’s most terrifying for me. Recognizing that the feelings I am creating in these characters, in this world, is coming from me and how I see the world, and that it does truly exist within me as well.”

Recognizing the truths in my story as well as the lies, knowing what I am capable of doing frightens me and excites me. How will people respond? Will they like the world I’m weaving, or will it frighten and repel them? Will they be able to stay long enough for the hope? Can I get them to care enough to keep reading, to follow Kiera out of those City walls and beyond, into a world she has never seen and can’t comprehend?


~ by araelysia on July 6, 2013.

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