Aedric Shit in the Tub Again.

No baby-shaming here, I don’t mean it like that. But those are six words I never thought I’d say two, three years ago. Before Aedric. Before my life changed in the most amazing of ways.

I never imagined being a mom, in all my dreams of writing books and living in cottages with beautiful sunsets and this calm feeling of HOME.  Well, I guess I’m kind of on my way there. I never in a million years dreamed of the blonde-haired blue eyed beauty I gave birth to in the first days of 2012.

He wore a dress the other day, and tomorrow he’s going to wear a beautiful outfit that he picked out. Pictures, I promise. ❤

He pooped in the tub for the second time this week, but I’m not mad. I’m just glad I have him to hold.


~ by araelysia on July 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Aedric Shit in the Tub Again.”

  1. Beautiful – our children teach us so very much about what’s important in life if we let them. I dressed Joshua in a dress for his first Halloween – so he went with me to a Holiday Inn Staff party dressed in drag – only a couple of months old. Aedric is an angel, for sure – he’s amazing.

    • It’s true. He picked that purple shirt and pink tutu skirt and wore a blue dress home instead, completely comfortable. When I show him the dress for tomorrow he gets really excited, though it’ll be huge on him.

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