Too interesting to pass up. As I sit here I can hear the 87 bus dropping someone off or picking them up outside of my balcony, and I have 78 followers on this blog right now.

It struck me as interesting and kind of important that I felt the need to blog this, so consider this baring myself to all aspects of my life. I believe in the Tarot. Even if it’s something so simple as the reader’s ability to discern symbolism and make a message out of madness, there really is a story in the cards.

I’ve been doing Tarot readings for over half my life now, and I’m beginning to re-teach myself again. You should do that every now and again. My Facebook page for tarot readings is:


I made myself an author page to try to propel myself toward my goals in writing, and on there I share things that I hope inspire other writers who struggle with writer’s block and self-barricading. 😛


My son is smacking me really hard on the back right now. He loves tarot readings- he’s given me some eerily accurate ones by bringing up cards from his half-destroyed deck that totally made eerie sense at the time.

Anyway, synchronicity is pretty swell. I’ve gotten a lot done today and I’m about to put Aedric down for a nap and then do a lot more! Yay! More later? Sure. I like sharing stuff.


~ by araelysia on July 8, 2013.

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