humor, huh?

Someone quoted something someone else said to me recently (Yay facebook! Nothing original anymore..) about how in America the poor laugh at themselves and idolize the rich while in many other countries it’s quite the opposite. Gangnam Style was a funny viral video that was actually fairly political in origin.

When I draw people into a story that’s dark and gritty and a little scary I try to surprise the laugh out of them. My perfect goal for the first bit of the book is to have it shredded partly between horrified laughter (Not A Clockwork Orange.. What the hell was that??) and a sort of pained, sorrowful curiosity.

I’m not sure how well I do, but in a previous post (Maybe 5 ago? I don’t actually look back on what I post very often, but now that I am up to 75 followers (?!? Me???) I am feeling slightly better about myself. I don’t usually have an external locus of self-esteem, but sometimes it’s nice to feel it.

I’m not doing this humor thing right. I’m talking about it, not doing it. I guess I’m just not in the mood.. I’m feeling productive, serious, motivated. Bro Graign Nog Nog!

I swear, that is exactly what Aedric just said to me when I typed that and I am laughing really hard now. I turned around expecting to see a twisted leprechaun with a dark green hat and a gnarled nose and bright green eyes with red hair but nope, still my little blonde angel.

Bro Graign Nog Nog! XD He’s 18 months old. That’s normal, right?


~ by araelysia on July 8, 2013.

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