Barter System

By the time I was 12, I knew the banks were fucked and not to go to them. My father may have told me when I was really small, I don’t know, but I still dislike banks to this day. And I mean, like, I want to own my own home outright, without paying for all the shit banks get you for.

I should start by explaining that I believe in kind of owning stuff. By that I mean hoarding land like several banks and corporations have will do nothing more than give them more power to build more crap to tie us to them more. Independence is key.

I’m already several thousand dollars in debt for my college education. Now I’m going to think very carefully on what I want to learn about. I recently met someone who’s also interested in living in a village type setting, with a system like this. I think I could survive fairly well- I can do readings, be the listener/guidance type figure, I’m already growing my own food.

When I was 14 I obsessed over this stuff. I thought about what I would stock up on before my leaving back to a more natural world. Over time I’ve shifted concepts a little. I’d love to learn how to take power from solar and wind technologies to replace electric bills. I want to help people find their own independence.


~ by araelysia on July 9, 2013.

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